We are the regional resource for fine design, with exclusive lighting, furniture, architectural hardware, decorative objects & art, while offering design support to architects, designers, builders and homeowners.

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  • Project consultation
  • Full-scope interior design services (residential and commercial)
  • Product specifications and procurement
  • Brand strategy development


We have our first exhibition up in the gallery, COLOR, from Canadian contemporary artist, Lee Lessem.

Color is my unspoken language and more powerful than conventional dialogue - and through which I interpret the surrounding social and physical landscapes. Having had the privilege to travel and reside in numerous places and many countries, I find my expression using the layering of color and graphic form are responses to my experiences in these varied lands, with the people and their unique cultural perspectives. Since my narratives are very personal, I enjoy listening to the perception of the viewer and hearing what they take away from each piece I have painted.

Hareid Arts

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Established in 2023 as a resource for designers, homeowners and custom home builders, Grey Bruce Design Studio brings a wealth of design knowledge to the region.

Founded by a resident of Grey County who returned to Canada after many years working around the globe, GBDS offers a curated collection of technical and decorative lighting, architectural glass and hardware, new and vintage furniture, a unique collection of decorative accessories and full-scope residential & commercial interior design services.

From our boutique showroom on Main Street West in Markdale, we have access to an almost unlimited range of architectural products for a growing market, representing numerous, well-established Canadian and international suppliers across Ontario.

A dedicated exhibition area showcasing both emerging and established artists will rotate on a regular basis, with opening events scheduled throughout the year.